The regression technique I use is called "Inner Space Interactive Sourcing". I will take you into your “Inner Space”, a meditation like state, and together (“Interactive”) we will explore the “Source” of where emotions, patterns, limitations, fears etc. come from.

You will go into a state that’s akin to a deep relaxation, an altered state of consciousness, still being totally aware and part of what you see and experience.

In this meditation-like state (in the inner space) you experience things you would not remember the same way in your waking consciousness. Your subconsciousness will bring up emotions and images that unfold.

We will “regress” to past events (that could range from an argument with your partner yesterday, events from your childhood, experiences in your mother’s womb to past-lives etc.)

This way you see things you usually don’t. You will start understanding the things that are going on in your life in a completely different way. There will be lots of “Aha” moments that will enable you to change your standpoint.

We are following patterns in our lives that were laid long ago. The new vision and deep realizations will give you freedom in your life today.

I will guide you through this journey skillfully and compassionately, so that your regression session will turn into a healing at the core.

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