Yoga is good for you. Not just for your body but also to find awareness. Yoga postures and breathing techniques help to release tension (physically and emotionally). My yoga focuses on the traditional Indian Hatha Yoga which is about holding each posture for a couple of minutes to stretch and strengthen at the same time and to make it a meditative type of yoga. Participants can decide for themselves for how long and intensely they want to hold the postures. You will feel the energy flows in your body in a whole new way.

Yoga postures and breathing techniques

…improve body awareness, balance and flexibility

…alternate between tensing and relaxing to find the right body tone

…bring stillness and awareness.

I am a certified yoga instructor. I enjoy uniting the classical Indian yoga tradition with modern findings on body mechanics and the use of core muscles.



improve your life . find clarity . become authentic: awakening the third eye

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